About the Candidate

I've been a resident in Gilpin County for 24 years, and have raised both my children here.

Living in a small community makes you realize how important individual involvement is, as there are few people to help get many things done. I have made a point to get involved through the PTA, as a girl scout leader, and a chaperone for numerous school field trips. I was previously a Board Member of the Friends of the Library and am currently a Trustee on the Gilpin Library Board. For me, volunteering is an important way of supporting the community and improving our quality of life.

As the County Treasurer, I would bring 25 years of management and accounting experience in the private sector to the office. I have worked with large corporations, small businesses and non-profits. I also have work experience in government; I was the Tax Representative in the County Treasurer's Office and now work in the Finance Office for Central City.

Experience has taught me that in order to be effective, an organization or department must be efficient. Efficiency means using current technology and being open to change. Teamwork is also key as people must work together within their departments and with other departments.

Using my varied professional and volunteer knowledge I will bring a fresh perspective to the Treasurer's Office. 

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